Friday, 2 March 2012

Everyone likes flowers

Everyone like flowers, right.

We all want to live in a world where we get to see flowers dancing. We like the flowers to have smiley faces too. You know like swaying back and forth singing a song, probably about loving flowers.

Flowers flowers we love flowers

Well fuck me sideways, we love singing flowers so much that the government uses the singing flowers method to caste things over our eyes. 

But the problems not the that singing flowers hide anything, it's that we know that they're using it to hide shit. This is where it gets fucking insane, because you'd think that, once we knew there was something big and bad behind the singing flowers, that we might try to do something about it. 

Humans, however, are perfectly content with knowing something is wrong and not doing anything, blaming it on the hypnotic rhythm of the singing flowers. 

Comfortably numb

It's easier, much easier to be comfortably numb. If your not a conjurer of cheap tricks, and just a bystander, you cannot have committed an evil. If you watch someone get beaten to death by police officers because of their skin color, then you haven't hurt anyone. If you are witness to a rape, you haven't done anything wrong. 

There's a story I'll always remember from a class I had in the past. There was a woman in New York city that was raped and murdered in front of an apartment building, in which ever resident heard her screaming. Only one called the police, and only after the incident was over. 

We are blind, but only because we refuse to see. 


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