"No means yes, and yes means yes!" 

After spending his childhood sailing the Isles of Britannia on the deck of his father, Captain Cutthroat McCafferty, Bandit moved to Canada when promises of riches, women and lumber lured Captain Cutthroat and his crew over the Atlantic. Upon his arrival in the New World, Bandit's father decided to give up his pirating life and took up refuge in a small, peaceful town just outside of Montreal.

Bandit began his early Canadian days in a school pioneered by his native people, until the law of the land dictated that he must be educated in the language of Nouvelle-France. At gun point, Bandit spent two years educated by his enemies, where he developed a passion for writing and music. He wrote various poems and continued to hone his craft to escape his overseers oppression.

One day, however, he made his escape. He abandoned “le bateau” and after an adventure filled exodus to the East, finished High School in Ontario.

The law of Nouvelle-France did not limit him to a French College, and so Bandit made his return to his original landing point about three years ago. Completing a degree in Creative Arts, Bandit now works as a journalist for a local newspaper. He's in a metal band, playing shows around Montreal and is working on a novel.

Around January of 2012, Bandit had a vision, that Arithmetic Logic Unit also shared. They wanted to create a blog that would act as their gateway into the world. Somewhere they could write whatever they wanted and share it with the internet. From such ambition, Combustion Moose was born and the sites growing numbers drives us to constant improvement.