Thursday, 22 March 2012

Lulu's OP

There’s this new champion in league of legends… her name is Lulu… I think, she’s so overpowered…

Lulu's OP
She has a stupid thing named pix, it shoots me a lot, and it hurts. Whenever she shoots he shoots too… and not only that he can also follow other champions… And when the other champion shoot pix shoots too… Lulu and pix are so overpowered.

Lulu can also shoot a slowing thingy that can hit two champions and really slow us down… And when a jungle is ganking and you’re slow it’s easy to die… Lulu, pix and her slow thing are so overpowered…

Lulu is so overpowered… She can give her allies a speed boost along with an ap boost… And when she casts it on you… You turn into a stupid fox thing… You’re silenced and can’t do anything except run around in circles… Lulu, pix, her slow thingy and her polymorph are so overpowered…

But what makes Lulu more overpowered than anything is her ult… She can use it on an ally and everyone next to her is sent flying! Not only that… But they get bigger and they get a health bonus! All she needs to do is cast it on Cho’gath…. And… Well… You can figure that one out yourself….

Man… Lulu's OP.

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