Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Kony 2012: Are you in?

It takes power to be able to move the hearts of millions with a single video. If you haven't already, watch it.

Nobody can disagree with injustice. No crime is greater than stealing a child's innocence. So to unite against this cause is more than just the right thing to do, not contributing would be wrong. Inaction is a choice.

But will painting the night with Kony's name really help? I know intentions are good, and everyone involved cares about the cause, but what will it do?

The U.S. has committed 100 army personnel to aid the Ugandan effort, apparently to advise the Ugandans on how to track Kony through the jungle. Sending Americans who live in the forests of North America over to Uganda to advise people who've lived in the environmental all their lives seems counter productive. 

At least it's something. 

I can see this becoming commercialized, something to push yogurts or paint supplies to the public under the guise of "The cause". 

However, power comes from an idea. An idea shared, through various mediums, between regular people. It's not the rich that hold the real power, it's us. In numbers, we are capable of unimaginable change. All it takes is a million voices, yours and mine, to demand what's right. 

So, in light of the possibilities, I think we need to fight for something. I don't think it's a starter kit or a monthly donation that's going to get this done. I think it's action. If painting the streets of Montreal with Kony's name is what we've decided on, so be it. 

I'm in. 


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