Thursday, 1 March 2012

March Happened

The worst thing about the start of a new month is that it means girls are gonna get their periods all over again. 


So what does March have in store for us. I hope it heats up cause I'm getting tired of all this cold and snow. Fuck Canada. 

World Unfair!!
So now March has gone and happened, and commercials in North America haven't got any better. So what can I do other than write a review. Total Rhyme guys. 

But no, Combustion Moose is more creative than this. The written word is so last century. We need pictures and color and sparkles and awesome. So Filming, yes filming, is what we must use to fill in the time that winter takes away from us. Until the basement gets flooded of course. 

Speaking of filming, I'm sure you've all seen this video.

I think this song is a masterpiece, and I can't quite figure out whether the cover above or the original is better. The weird instruments they use plus the emotion of the song itself is beautiful. Plus, somebody that I used to know is the perfect description for a break up. 

So many people become "people that we used to know". It's actually weird thinking back to when you did know them. Like a strange echo of a memory that you accept, but at the same time you feel differently towards than you did at that moment. It's the memory of knowing a stranger. 

Knowing a stranger. I kind of like that. I know which song I'm writing next. 


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