Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I just want to write everything on my mind about KONY.

I just want to write everything on my mind about KONY.

First of all .. I want to make some comments on the video itself. The director and producer did an amazing job with the way it was filmed to keep people interested, with the way It was filmed. I haven’t seen a video that well made in a while. But the thing that I feel affected people the most, and why the video and movement is so successful is due to one key thing. He made it RELATEABLE. This is so important because people need to feel connected and sympathy and feel what it would be like to be in their shoes. You know I figured this out a while ago while comparing two documentrys I saw for a class. People only care or share when they feel like they can connect or relate to the subject.

The video is extremely important and the awareness he’s raised is remarkable and more people should do this on many issues. There’s so many things in the world people don’t know about and that’s because they’re no coverage on it. We need to start being an action based society and generation where our voice matters and our actions speak. We are the future, and we should know better. Technology is an extreme tool for this and I wish I only saw comments and posts about issues to take care of rather than the new hot celebrity scandal or what a person did during their afternoon. We are distracted by too many unimportant things.

However, I have read commentaries on this kony thing, and it’s true, it isn’t the best documentary I’ve seen one critic says “ he puts his child more in the video than people from Uganda”. Which is true, secondly, it is said that Joseph kony and his rebel gang have moved to other parts of Africa like the republic of congo and that Uganda now is relatively safe , and that people feel in peace now, and that this is an old issue.

Also, if he is number 1 on the international criminal list then why do we need a bunch of teen activists to show they care about the issue for the governments to act???????
If kony gets caught, what about aftermath?.. wont one of his gang members take his place? His child soldiers are probably so brainwashed.
Also, I feel like this has just become a “trend” … since when did EVERYBODY on my facebook list become an humantarian, or activist????????? ….Just saying. Because animals need our help, so many people/species need our help, and people should look into things that matters to them and that they personally care about to raise awareness and action.

As for the cover the night event, I think its stunning if it actually happens, and applaude to us to get our message out to the people and the government, but I do not think we need to send the company money in order to do this! We can make our own!

These are just thoughts on my mind.

-Brittany Talarico

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