"Tits or GTFO"

Cuttlefish, the bio.

Cuttlefish, (aka Ashe Lang) was born in Montreal, Quebec, on January 5th, 1993. Despite being born in Canada, Cuttlefish is usually mistaken as an immigrant, and the answer “where were you born” will never be sufficiently answered with “I’m from Montreal.”

“But, where did you come from?”


“But where did you come from BEFORE Montreal?”

“Well you see, good sir, when a mommy and daddy love each other very much, they…”

-shakes head-

Beyond that, I’m in college studying I-have-no-idea, and I’m pretty good at it too!

My contribution to this site? Boobs. Beyond that? Eh… Let me think…
Oh yeah, I draw things, and review games. And make horribly controversial posts that someone will arrest me for eventually. Political Correctness is for pussies anyways. And like pussies, just fuck it.

Games of choice? Online; League of Legends, World of Warcraft. On everything else; All the shitty games you would never dream of playing. Super Nintendo, N64, Sega Genesis, Gamecube, Xbox, Playstation, practically every hand held game system, etc… If there’s a bad game on the system, I’m bound to play it.

Favorites; (in no particular order) Halo, Super Smash Brothers, Mario games (classics), Sonic games (classics till SA2), Zelda, Okami, Ecco the Dolphin, Pokemon (duh.), Harvest Moon, DDR, Phoenix Wright, bunch of classic games I’ll list when I feel like it.

I’m also an anime fan. I have a list of shit I’ve watched SOMEWHERE, (aka another site which I’m not going to traffic views to. COMPETITION!). Favorites; One Piece, Wolf’s Rain, Baccano, Durarara, Air TV, Black Rock Shooter, Samurai Champloo, Chobits, FLCL, RomeoxJuliette, Death Note, Saikano etc… Movies; Ponyo, Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle (Any Miuzaki Film), Grave of the Fireflies, Summer Wars, etc…

I do cosplay as well. I’ll have some pictures posted. I also attend conventions as a photographer and cosplayer and will post about them in advance.

Beyond that, I play Magic the Gathering, and Yu-gi-oh.