Monday, 23 January 2012

30 minutes

Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.

Okay. So I have exactly twenty-five minutes to write something worth reading and I didn't come up with any ideas, so we're going to use the bestest search engine and information gathering site the world has ever known:

Totally got this using google

So what happens if I type in twat into google. 

Ahahahaha. The funny thing about this is that I was going to put George Bush anyway. I didn't think the "Twat" thing would work, but turns out someone beat me to the joke. So, 18 minutes to go I got to start getting more original. OBVIOUSLY someone already wove Twat and Jee-orge Bush into a neatly packages box of hilarity. 

16 minutes. Okay so I saw that the McGill Quidditch team are practicing hard for their upcoming tournament in New York City. 

Now, is this taking it too far? Is it some how immature of humanity to play Quidditch so intensely that it has it's own championship? I can't help but think that it is, even though it looks like the most awesome thing since the $5 Subway sandwich. I mean I know Harry Potter's popular but can something be too popular? Cause everyone likes Harry Potter. EVERYONE. Even me. Does that make us all the same?

Maybe it's not even Harry Potter at all. Maybe it's the unity brought to an entire nation, nay, an entire civilization by a single seven book series about whizards. I mean who doesn't love whizards. 

9 minutes. Like in the word whizards above I love adding h's  because they go in so many places without actually modifying the word too much. For example:


Isn't that more fun to say. The word isn't harsh anymore. There no religious references which leaves enough political incorrectness points (PIP) for Ghodzhillah to wish everyone Merry Christmas (Well, at least merry holidays) and this just wasted about 3 minutes of my life. 

But, I give my time to you my Combustionites, so that all two of you can feel loved. 

I love you combustionites, I love you. 

Hmm, I think we need that added to the dictionary if we want to get anywhere. At least the Urban dictionary. I wonder what word is before Combustionites.



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