Saturday, 21 January 2012

Is that a hoe or a shovel

I productively checked my Facebook feed, scrolling down endlessly as older posts appeared more quickly than the little wheel on my Mouse could turn. As usual, I was lulled into a robotic rhythm of reading snippets of people's days and, just like when your dreaming and one of the character's starts to call your name without the disjointed plot-line requiring it and then you wake up and your mum was calling, and you start freaking out 'cause somehow her voice managed to break between the bounds of the subconscious and the conscious and manifesting itself in one of your dream characters, and then, as "5 more minutes" becomes the only possible reaction you start realizing that Leonardo DiCaprio was in your dream, and this was only the second dream layer cause you'd already fallen to sleep twice in this dream cascade, and then as your mum takes out an Uzi from under her shirt and gets ready to pull the trigger the Uzi starts calling your name, and you wake up again cause your mums calling your name (again) and then your like fuck, I think I just got Incepted, but your not sure cause someone switches out the light before you can see if the spinning top falls over.

Yeh just like that little scenario, I realized that I didn't actually give a shit about a good 97.54% of the Facebook posts I was reading. But then I came across a site in one post that I'd heard of but never visited.

Funny Exams, was it's name. 'But, exams aren't funny,' I thought, 'what an intriguing prospect.' So, after polishing my monocle, I clicked on the link to start surfing. Within a few clicks I'd found exactly the entertainment I'd been looking for in the, art of a small elementary school child. Enjoy, it's fucking hilarious.

There's an attached letter from the mom. Read it a the website below, her explanation of what the picture's supposed to be is hilarious.

I don't know. Kids these days.


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