Sunday, 29 January 2012

Ok, I haven't posted in a while and the reason for that is because of a game called Gmod, or Garry's mod. This game is like crack cocaine. You can do anything you want. Anything. By anything I mean you can make a bucket and strap it to someone's head, put a rocket on the bucket and watch the body fly.
This is the essence of fun.

Why can't more games be like this? Why can't more games just put you in a map and say, "Here, have fun. Do WHATEVER you want.". Most games are linear and there's nothing wrong with that, but every once in a while I do enjoy being able to have a little freedom. A lot of games fall flat because they're too linear, there are many instances where you find yourself saying, hey, I wish I could go over there and the moment you try you fail.

Metal gear battle
All I'm trying to say is, even if your game isn't free roam, give the player a little more flexibility than a straight corridor.

-Arithmetic logic unit

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