Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Combustion Moose Begins

OMFG I can't figure out this blog thing. I'm trying to get it to look good, but all the options just won't work. Dynamic View. WTF is that.

Anyway I know what your thinking. Any astronaut monkey can make a blog. Well, shut the front door you son of a business man I'm extremely impatient. Plus I gotta make an internet personality that will win the hearts of bazillions of adoring fans.

Maybe I should be a British chav and insert my opinion everywhere with the witty phrase "wah'eh'vah", adding h's for emphasis. Or maybe a Swedish adolescent genius by the name of Shven Bontzviklezburg III and wow the internet with philosophical yet uncharacteristically schwav comments on social media.

Either way I need a place to write how I wanna write. I'm tired of this news bullshit.

I think I'll name myself Bandit. Yeh Bandits good.


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