Thursday, 26 January 2012

Just do it

I remember when I was in Cegep and people would always ask me "what do you want to do in the future". It was mainly my parents asking, and every time I would reply "author" I would get the "there's no money in that" eyes and be told that I had to think about money too. "It's hard to be an author."

Well, okay so it's hard to be an author, or a musician, or a graphic designer or whatever. So, I've got to think about money and make sure there's a paying profession at the end of my education. Alright thanks for the speech, I'll go on ignoring your votes of confidence.

If that were all parents did, then I wouldn't care. But, it's not. 

Cause, the next day I would get another parent speech. This one along the same topic, with a different overall message. "You've got to do what you want," says dad, "Cause if you do what you love then it doesn't feel like work."

Okay. Wtf. Time out. 

So If I tell you what I want to do I get the sad eyes of 0 future and a struggled life, but I've got to do what I want? 

Well now you've just opened a can of teenage opinion soup which actually contains a particle-colider that about to cause a big bang of inexperienced advice. 

Just fucking do it. 

"It's hard to become a Rockstar." What about the people who are Rockstars. 
"It's hard to be an Author." What about the people who are Authors.
"It's hard to be a pregnant teenager living on welfare." Well yeh. 

My point being that yes it's hard, but the facial expression that goes along with the phrase reads impossible. And it's not an, "it's impossible for everyone," face, it's a genuine, "it's impossible for you," face. 

Well you know what, if you never throw the dart it's never going to hit the board. If you throw it, it still might not hit, but at least it had a chance. If you leave it in your hand then, errr, it's never going to leave your hand. 

Hopefully you understand my metaphor. If not I leave you with this: "It's hard to be philosopher"


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