Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Arriving at the movies.... Late

I went to go see a movie today. The name? I don't remember, but that's not the point. What the point really is, is that I arrived to the movie late and I didn't understand a fucking thing. All I know is that the chick bellow was in it.
Yes, her.
I don't mind arriving late, that's what trailers are for, but when I miss an important part to my movie and don't understand the rest of it because of that I tend to not enjoy myself. Granted the reason I couldn't understand it could have been because the movie was a piece of shit.... But I want to be nice for once and not blame it on some director's incompetence, the writers must be fucking idiots as well.

-Antonio Banderas
All this movie taught me was that Antonio Banderas is baddass enough to end a movie by saying one simple word, "shit". And that is why he is such an awesome actor.... Wait... That's not what I was talking about.... Ah, who gives a shit.

-Arithmetic logic unit

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