Thursday, 19 January 2012


I honestly have nothing to talk about. You ever get that? When so much has happened in one day, you just don't want to talk about it.

 When someone asks "Hey, how was your day?" and you say, "Gee, not too bad" and then the asshole starts questioning you, "What did you do?". That's when you're fucked. That's when the interrogation starts, if you say you didn't do anything they go on a tangent of questions, "How can you do nothing?", "Didn't you do anything?", "What? Did you not do ANYTHING?". Don't these assholes have better things to do then question what I did during the day. You know what I say? "Hey! Dickhead, you weren't there so shut your trap and let's get on with shaving this cat's ballsack".

And do you really think they give a shit about your day?
Does anyone honestly register into their long term memory what you did during the day? No. And if they do, they need to start doing something with their own fucking days. Bottom line is no one gives a shit about what you did today.

So good fucking night.

-Arithmetic logic unit

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