Monday, 30 January 2012

Tribes Ascend

Tired of all your Revolution Call of Battlefields of Gears of Forever Wars? I know I am!

Alright folks, let me tell you about a different kind of game. Some of you may actually recognize it, if you had a childhood anyway.

It's called Tribes : Ascend. The developers have finally allowed our good old friend Tribes out to play again. And he's grown up a bit.

It started off awkwardly, the main feature missing from the game being . . . Jump. I was trying very hard to wrap my mind around WHY you couldn't jump in a Tribes game. Sure, everyone has jetpacks, but combined with the jump, great feats were accomplished. Instead of trying to get used to it like a normal person who accepts change, I decided to send angry surveys during the beta.

Good news, the jump feature is back in the game. You're welcome.

But let's move on.

To those of you that are dead on the inside and have no idea what Tribes is, Tribes is a first person shooty game, FPS for pro lingo. (mad cred for saying it so, right?) You may be thinking, but Axl, you casually hardcore wizard you, I thought you were tired of the FPS genre! What makes this game any different?

Well, jetpacks for one. Everyone gets one. You've also got a neat little feature called, stop me if you've heard of this but, "skiing". Now hold on before you start laughing, I fully agree that it sounds like a crazy thing. But it actually works amazingly. As you pick up speed falling off a cliff, you may hold down the ski button to start gliding majestically like a heavily armored elephant. Um, on crack. Wait, no that doesn-

Easy to use, hard to master.

Another big thing about Tribes is the Spin-Fusor. It's a gun, that shoots spinning, exploding blue disks of lesser games and bad movies. I, among many others, consider this weapon the flagship weapon of the Tribes series.

The pure amount of skill it takes to use this gun is amazing. I mean, just imagine, your weapon doesn't travel instantly and everyone has jetpacks, and can ski across the map. If you're good at it though, they're more like those little moving ducks in shooting galleries.

You actually get a medal, the blue plate special, for killing someone in the air with your Spin-Fusor, while you too, are in the air. Hard, yes. But once you get it, you feel GREAT.

The game I believe is still in beta at the moment. You can get a guaranteed invite if you like them on Facebook, or if you find someone who is in the beta that hasn't used up their invites yet. It's also Free to Play, which is both good, and bad.

The good part being. . . Well, it's free.

The bad part being that you only start with 2 classes out of 12. And yes, classes are in the game. No longer can we customize our items. We've also got perks per classes, that are unlocked simply by playing the game. You get experience, or XP (That cred man) individually for classes. They are working on a system that lets you transfer XP from class to class though, at a loss. You also get tokens, which are used to unlock classes.
Honestly, kind of expensive though. I believe some classes are around 9000 tokens, and you get aroumd 90-100 if you wiin I think. There's also a First Win of the Day bonus though, that gives you more XP and tokens.

You may also choose to pay for tokens. And if you only pay once, you get a XP and a token bonus for the rest of your Tribes life.

Well, that all being said and done, I do believe I've taken up enough of your time. . . For now. But before I go, for you vets out there. . . SHAZBOT.


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