Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Combustionites, lately, I've allowed my games to stack up. And now, before I knew it, I have a backlog of games I need to get to and finish. I'm sure many of you have found yourself in the same situation. You are either too busy, or you just don't feel like playing a certain genre of game.

I for one, have KillZone 3 to finish. It's pretty decent, as far as console FPS games go. I just can't take FPS games right now.

Atelier Totori, which I'm looking forward to be in the mood to play again. Pretty fun game.

Corpse Party is another one I'm looking forward to. This one is hard for me to play, though. If one thing gets to me, it's horror games. Playing those at night, with earphones. Horrid.

White Knight Chronicles 2. Which actually comes with the first game, as well. So I think I'm looking at around . . . 200 hours plus, with this game. Oh dear.

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. I will one day replay through Metal Gear Solid 3 at least. Not sure about 2, though. That seems more like torture.

Just remember, put them away if you feel like it, but come back to them. Some of 'em deserve it.


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