Monday, 6 February 2012

Thing 2

Maybe I should make a regular post as well.

Alright, let's give this a try.

Greetings readers. I am Axl4002. The numbers are used more as a serial code though, so just call me Axl.
It's a little late for introductions, but better late than dead, I always say!

The saying has yet to catch on.

So, I write things here and there, mostly about game, since that's my main interest beyond anything else.
I'll also get around to doing some Anime here and there though.

I do PC and PS3 games, and I'll also do PS Vita once I can get my hands on it, which will hopefully be, next month.

And of course, like any bloke on the Internet, I'll write about some classic games as well.

I do not have a system as to which games I write about. I just randomly think about ones, or just write about the current ones I'm playing.

Is that it? That may be it.

Alright then, until next time.


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