Monday, 6 February 2012

More on collecting games.

Last week I talked about never missing out on opportunity. This week, I'm going to talk about how I treat my games once I get them.

As you all know, the most annoying thing us video game collectors have to suffer is terrible places like EB games or Gamestop. They enjoy ruining our lives by plastering fucking stickers all over the goddamn games.

I hate that shit.

Well, I know a secret. A secret to get rid of these hell spawn stickers put so liberally on our precious games.

Rule number 2!!!!: Always have a chemical cleaning product that's strong, but not too strong. If the product is too weak then you aren't going anywhere. Likewise, if it's too strong you will wipe the cartridge of all it's other stickers (the important stickers... Like the fucking logo itself). What you need is:

This shit.
Not only can it rid you of stickers and their nasty residue, it will also eat through permanent fucking marker that faggots, like Jonathan, use to write they're dumbass name over (no offense to other Jonathans). I recommend this product to any video game collector who hates stickers on their games (You can even use it on the game's logo, and it works on cases like the ones for ps2, gamecube, etc).

In short, get some fucking goo off.

-Arithmetic logic unit

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