Thursday, 9 February 2012

Majora's Mask

Whenever I thought of the Zelda franchise, I remembered all the easy, light-hearted gameplay. The colorful characters, and Link's silly green hat. Overall, a game for kids.

And Zelda II. Which was just evil. But a different kind of evil.

Majora's Mask on the other hand, starts off on a very dark tone. Even the music on the main menu is creepy.

Anyway, the game follows Ocarina of Time. Link is riding on Epona, until he gets hijacked by a kid with a stupid looking mask, and two fairies. So you lose your horse, and your ocarina. You start chasing creep-o the kid, and catch up to him.

And this is where the game takes a turn to even more twisted.

Creep-o slaps a mask on your face that turns you into a SCRUB. A Dekuscrub. This is probably where a lot of kids got traumatized. The animations during the transformations are so twisted and weird, I can't even begin to describe them.

You continue on, trying to understand just what the hell is going on, and then you meet . . . The mask seller.

Oh, dear, god.

This guy might be THE creepiest guy in videogame history. The way he talks, the way he acts, the way he DOESN'T WALK. He just teleports from place to place, he has almost no animations. The guy even strangles Link at some point !

But, let's try to move on . . .

He tells you creep-o the kid stole his uber mask, and he wants it back. He gives you 3 days to do so, and if you help him out, he'll help you out with your scrubbyness.

You leave the clocktower you were in, and "DAWN OF THE FIRST DAY", 72 hours remaining.

Alright, we have time. But I've been in situations like these before in games. The time only moves as you progress through the game, finding core items, and finishing quests. No worries then, we have plenty of time!

Randomly start walking around, trying to figure out what to do. Talking to people, getting attacked by the town dog ( D:< STOP IT MAN) and playing find and seek with some stupid kids. I had finally won the hide and seek game, when it got dark outside.

Awesome, I'm making progress!

Randomly run around some more, find some money, and all in all, being pro. Then, the screen starts shrinking. I started thinking it was a bug or someth-"DAWN OF THE SECOND DAY" 48 hours remaining.

The way that screen just appears . . . Bit creepy. I don't recall doing anything of importance, though. Am I actually progressing through the game without realizing it ?

Night changes to day, and the music is . . . Different. Nice little touches, I guess.

I find a fairy. . . I guess it's a fairy. Doesn't really look like one. Find the cave where I have to put it in, get a silly power-up, talk to a disturbing man in a green suit besides me, And then I notice something weird.

I look upwards and see that the moon is giant. And it has a face. An angry face.............

Nintendo, what? This game is insane.

More time passes, and the screen shrinks again. Why does it keep doi"DAWN OF THE FINAL DAY" 24 hours remaining.

It's not even dawn of the third day, it's FINAL day. What, is the world ending or something ? ;D

The music changes again. And it's psychotic music. Oh, joy. I now also notice the town has changed slightly, and some people are even missing.

You even get random earthquakes for som- OH DEAR GOD THE MOON IS GOING TO CRASH INTO THE EARTH.


Turns out that time is actually fluid in the game. And I'm running out of it :D

Before I knew it, I game over'd in the best way possible. And that's how my first time with the game went.

I vowed revenge on the game, and only recently did I get it, with Arithmetic logic unit's help. But looking back at the game . . . I can't help but be impressed by it.

Nintendo had actually made a Zelda game that was significantly different from all the others ones, even to this day. It's the most unique Zelda game, ever made. It was dark, creepy, and required precision and time management. It was a breath of fresh air, and it was amazing.

I personally do not know why they remade Ocarina of Time for the 3DS. They should have remade Majora's Mask instead. Maybe then I'd finally have a reason to get a 3DS.

Screw you Nintendo.


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