Wednesday, 15 February 2012


What do you write on, Combustionites? A home computer? A laptop? Some fancy overpriced Mac?

I write on a Android Tablet. Just about all of my articles were done on it. I imagine it would be hard to just write so much on a touchscreen, but this tablet, isn't any ordinary tablet.

The ASUS Eee Transformer Pad

Now, the ASUS Eee tablet alone goes for around $400. That's already a pretty good price for a tablet. It's a pretty regular tablet too. I actually think it's better than the Motorola Xoom I used to own, that went for around $700. I believe it goes for $500 now.

However, what makes the transformer special, is the keyboard attachment. It goes for around $120.
It sounds expensive, yes. but not when you consider that it actually comes with a built in battery that charges your tablet, that almost doubles battery life. So I'm thinking, around 12-14 hours.

And that's pretty incredible for a portable device. It also has a SD memory card slot and 2 USB ports.

All of these come together to bring you a professional, yet fun portable experience.

If you've ever wanted a tablet, then I'd easily recommend this.


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