Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Monkey prostitution: Proof that paying for sex is natural

I find it fucking scary that economics and advertising go hand in hand with psychology. Big-shot business men hire advertisement firms, not to show that their product is actually the best, but to trick us into thinking it is. Now, If that's not some kind of brainwashing scheme, I don't know what is.

If you ask anyone they'll say, "Advertising doesn't work on me, but it works on everyone else." And that's the point. Advertising totally works on me, I just don't think it does. And now, they've taught monkey's to use money and my bet is that eventually there going to try crazy advertising techniques on them that they can't use on humans. 

Anyway what I really want to talk about is this article that I was send from Redit. 

Monkey money

It's one of those links with a massive code on the end. Fucking archives. 

The article explains an experiment conducted by some economists on Monkeys. Over the course of a few months they managed to teach the monkeys how to use little silver disks as currency. Then, they tested different gambling games, different techniques of sharing and mutual aid etc. to understand how monkeys would react to money. 

As it turns out, Monkeys never save their money, they don't share their money, and they will try to steal it if they can. 

Sounds a lot like people, before society gets involved. 

Something fucking hilarious in the article that speaks a lot to human behavior too is that, in one instance, another monkey actually paid for sex. 

He probably saw the other money hanging from a tree, a little too made up to be spending a quite night in the branches. I'm guessing he slide onto the branch beside her and pulled down the leaf asking, "Hey, you want a banana?"

Then Nature took it's course. 

"This is all you get with one disk."

Once it happened the first time, the lab didn't want the reputation of the Monkey Whore House, so they stopped such rude behavior "to ensure that future monkey sex at Yale occurs as nature intended it."

But that got me thinking. How can we say that our intervention makes things happened in some other way than nature intended. We are are spawned from nature and apart of it. Humans seem to think that what they do is somehow different to what nature wants.

We cry about global warming and destroying the planet. But we're not destroying the planet, we're destroying the environment that allows US to live.

So when monkeys learn to use money and they pay for sex, maybe that's just how it goes. Maybe sex and food are our two main focuses, and whatever way we can get them, we will. That goes for all animals, and when moneys added into the equation, they'll use this new means to fuck.

My point being, people should stop judging me when I pay for sex.


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