Sunday, 5 February 2012

2) The Obnoxious "I'm a Sneeze... Bitch" Sneeze

2) The Obnoxious "I'm a Sneeze... Bitch" Sneeze

This sneeze is a little less common than the "Motion picture drawn out tension" sneeze, but still will probably have been sighted by most of you. 

This is the first image that comes up if you type I'm a Sneeze...
Bitch into google images

During the execution of this sneeze the sneezeee (again, like employee) lets out his outburst of orgasmic goodness and makes the sound Ah-Choo. Like, they pretty much yell Ah-Choo. It's really fucking strange cause most of the time it doesn't even sound like they're sneezing, it just sounds like there being an attention whoring D-bag that wants everyone to bless them. Obnoxious prick.

But, there is also an alternative way to interpret the "I'm a sneeze... bitch" sneeze, if the person spends a slightly longer time on the "Ah" than he would on a regular sneeze. 


Sometimes, Obnoxious Sneezers, sound less like there sneezing and more like there powering up a volatile energy that can hardly be held within the constrains of their own body that they may unleash it on an unsuspecting (well never suspecting because he's fucking yelling) foe/evil doer. Like in Dragon Ball Z. 

So next time you here the obnoxious "ahhh" of the D-Bag sneeze, don't start exercising your vocal chords in preparation for a bless you. GTFD (Get the fuck down) cause you might have more than mucus headed your way. You might just get Kamehameha'd.


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