Sunday, 19 February 2012

Racist, Sexual and Self-Aware. What more can you ask for?

A few weeks ago my friend recommended a Netflix comedy called "Community". It looked stupid to be honest and I thought after watching the first episode I would gg from that series and move onto something more appealing. But surprisingly, an American made comedy about the worst community college in the U.S. Managed to squeeze a few laughs out of me.

Community tv show photo

The story revolves around seven stereotypical characters that all failed in life one way or another. There's the hotshot douchebag L.A. Lawyer now stuck in community college, the black high school jock who go injured during the game that would have won him a scholarship, the nerd who excelled at school until she became addicted to ritalin, the old man who just wants to be young again, the sociopath Indian film maker who watches too much TV, the kind, broken-hearted, gossipy black woman and finally the hot one.

Oh yeh, and the Chinese guy from "The Hangover" plays the Spanish teach Senior Chang.  

As you can see, these characters cover every base. Nobody is not one of these people.

This is the world

The thing that makes the show so appealing is that it's racist, sexuality and self-aware. Even though a lot of the jokes are bad, it feels light-heart, as if it doesn’t matter. It's like the TV show is saying “Chill man. I'm a TV show, I know it. Just relax and watch me go.” Abed, the Indian (duh) constantly makes TV references, and spells out exactly what the episode is doing as it happens. At one point he even says, “I think I'll lay low for an episode.”


“Community” manages to make fun of societal stereotypes in a lighthearted way, without being insulting or going too far. I think that's what give it it's charm. Like those people that can make fun of you and even you find it funny cause you know they don't mean any harm. Thing is this can be a bad thing too, because none of the jokes are really THAT funny, it's just a chuckle now and then while you wait for time to go by.

It's not top of my list for best Netflix series out there, but it's good enough when you don't feel like thinking too much. After a few marathons of complex dramas sometimes it's nice to indulge in the lesser shows that appeal to the lowest common denominator. That's what the community is, an everyone show. It doesn’t overstep boundaries, or think outside the box.

Instead it's just nice.

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  1. I have to say though, the series does go a little downhill after the first season... I loses it's sporadic satirical overview of college, and replaces it with mostly theme-based humor

    1. I guess the fact that Netflix only has season 1 is the site owners saving everyone from the disappointment of the show not being able to follow up. lol.

      I hate it when shows can't sustain themselves, but they milk them to death anyway.


    2. That's not to say that season 2 is BAD, it just doesn't live up to season 1