Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Fruits of the Internet. He-man and Fox Flute

K. So the internet has some fucked up things, some boring things, some funny things, some scary things and some things you wish you could unsee. 

Today I went to a friends house, we bought candy with 1098 pennies, then she showed me this video: 

Well, actually it wasn't this one, but it was pretty much the same thing. It's fucking hilarious. Whoever made it is a genius. 



Have you ever found yourself, strolling about the Internet, only to stumble upon something so magnificently odd, that you can’t help but question WHAT THE FUCK you were doing to navigate to such a page? 

Recently I stumbled upon such a video, yet for some ungodly reason, it drew me in and made me listen to it over and over again. As the construed awe began to fade, a sense of wonder was instilled. I began chanting, singing, SCREAMING until the song was the only thing to cross my thoughts at any moment of every day.

This video is a drug. I need a daily dose for happiness, the world has lost its meaning and without it everything else in the world becomes worthless until I hear that chant at the end.

Instant messaging is given a new meaning. Cooking is given new life. ECSTASY CAN BE ACHIEVED. All you need is some HEEEEEEEYYYEEEYEYEEYEYEYEYYEYEYEYEEE HEYEEEYEYEYEYEEEEYE. I SAIIIIIII….

Sparc (Spontaneous post attributed to random character)


  1. Replies
    1. I have two comments to make. Number 1, who is challenger?
      Number 2, that song is horrid. After hearing it the first time my partner A.L.U., replayed it over and over and over and over again until I went nuts. Even while playing League. It was dreadful. So, for making me think of it again, and I'm pretty sure I know who wrote the article above, I will find you and beat you with Bamboo. Do you understand the implications behind that? Number one, bamboo hurts like a beast. Number two, I'm taking away a Panda's food to beat you with it. So not only am I beating you for showing me this, because of you a Panda is being robbed of food. You make Pandas everywhere cry.


      ^ You see, Sad Pandas.

    3. LOL, sexual harassment (skip beat) Pan-dahhh

    4. @Cuttlefish, to answer one of your questions, I'm the one who wrote the article, and as for the song, well you just have to accept how awesome it is.