Wednesday, 15 February 2012

BASEMENT GOD: a man who has everything, and it's cheap.

Now, I know many of you already have stores and what not where you buy your favorite classical games, but I have a couple of suggestion. Unfortunately I will not reveal my biggest site to visit for game collectors, I wouldn't want any competition, but I will talk to you about tips and tricks to find all your favorites and a cheap cheap price.

First place to look is, EB games. I know how much I and many of you must hate that place for how they treat their games and what not, but like it or not, their games are dirt cheap (Anything older than the current and former generation is inexpensive).

Shit, but it's cheap!

Another place you should always consider checker is a place called basement god. This is a term coined by me and a couple of friends when we took a road trip to Boston. What a basement god is exactly is a lone man/ woman who owns their own little shop that has a bunch of old shit. I don't only mean video games, I mean anything, old movies, old games, old stamps, hell it doesn't matter as long as it's old and cheap! Which brings me to rule number 4!

Rule number 4: Crosscheck prices.

If you live close to 2 or more game stores and they happen to own he same game, make sure you check the price and buy the cheapest copy (unless the more expensive one is of better quality.). Admit it, us gamers are cheap fucking bastards. And this rule is as simple as that. Spend as little money as possible.

-Arithmetic logic unit

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