Thursday, 9 February 2012


Something I do very often, is buy a game, only to come home and realize that I already owned that game. "Well gosh darnit", I say to myself as I look through the shelf to place it in my flawless alphabetic order, "I already own this one...".
Yep, that's 2 Dr. Marios
And some of you may be thinking... "Jeez this guy is an idiot... He bought the same game twice...", but the fact is when you start to have about 100 different games you begin to lose track quite easily...
Which brings me to my next rule for collecting game:

Rule number 3: Always have a ready list on. Or just a list of games in general.

It's always good to know how many and exactly which games you have, so that when you're out on a shopping spree and see some good deals, you don't go too crazy and end up buying duplicates. Another good use for a list of games is when someone wants to get you a birthday/Christmas gift. Many times someone will ask you what you want as a gift, just give them your list and have them run around buying you a game. It's an easy cheap gift (depending on the game). So if you're the friend of a collector or are on yourself, force them or yourself to make a list.

Join me next week for more on this very.... enthralling subject.

-Arithmetic logic unit.

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