Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Game With Weird Town Names

The problem with most MMORPG's is that they tend to be boring when it comes to combat. In most of them, you just pick a single target, and spam 1 to 0 on your keyboard, as if you're playing some weird Guitar Hero clone.

But then you get people that actually try to make fun battle systems. People like Nexon. No, not Maplestory. I'm talking about Vindictus (Or Mabinogi Heroes). It's a free to play MMO with quite possibly the best battle system in the business. It's a hack and slash to the core. You have to time your attacks, your blocks, your dodges. If you can't, then you just take dirt naps.

They have 4 out of 5 playable characters. Each character looks and feels completely different from the other.

First off, we have Lann. He dual-wields swords until level 24, where you can choose to use spears instead. Swords take a lot more mastering, while spears tends to be a lot easier, with decent damage output.

Next we have Fiona. She uses sword and shield, until level 24, where you can choose to use long hammer and shield instead. With sword and shield, Fiona becomes an excellent and quick tank. With the long hammer however, she's slower, but extremely punishing.

Then we have Evie. So far, Evie has the greatest difference between her two weapons. Her first weapon is a spear, which gives her the ability to use spells. At level 24 however, you may start using a scythe to become death itself. With amazing dodging capabilities and crazy damage output, Evie is one of the funner classes to play.

Last, we have Karok. He's a giant with a giant pillar weapon that he uses to bash faces in, and throw at people. At level 24, he gets the cestus, a fist weapon. Making him more capable of comboing. He's also somewhat of a boss killer. He can clash with massive bosses, opening up chances for his teammates to do damage, and so on.

Axl's right, this MMORPG is good.

The fifth character, we know him by the name of Kai. He's an archer class. And that's about all the information we have on him. Seriously. It's been years and we have no idea of any of his capabilities.
Oh well.

Overall, the game can be pretty fun, especially with friends. The raids are challenging, and the story is interesting. The quests can get repetitive, though. And you'll have to run around town a lot to talk to people for quests. But at least the town is small, and you unlock the second town much later.

Give it a try, you have nothing to lose.


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